Our complete line of enclosures enjoys an unmatched reputation for craftsmanship and quality. From standard to modified standard enclosures, through completely custom units, our skilled craftsmen are committed to total satisfaction. Depth and flexibility in design and manufacturing are two of our greatest strengths, resulting in a quality line of enclosures, which include:

  • single
  • multi-door
  • wall-mounted
  • freestanding
  • console
  • UL Listed

We integrate a wide variety of quality accessories including window kits, louvers, grilles, fans, filters, casters, lighting options, as well as various handle and latch types. Standard enclosures include: indoor and outdoor, NEMA protection for electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic controls. UL, NEMA, and JIC Standards are followed for all our enclosures and are, of course, Made In The USA. From design, through all manufacturing phases, to the finished product, the “Coxbox” meets your quality enclosure needs.